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A person sits cross-legged on a wall, gazing at a night sky sprinkled with stars and a small view of the moon, accompanied by a dog beside them.

Lunar Holistic Wellness Coaching

Get In Touch With The Natural Rhythms

  • 2 hr
  • 500 U.S. dollars
  • Toronto

Service Description

Unlock your fullest potential with our comprehensive Lunar Manifestation Coaching Package, designed for individuals of all expertise levels seeking to align their lives with the lunar cycle to manifest their goals. Our signature "I. FORM. ACT." methodology empowers you to harness the energy of each lunar phase to set intentions, overcome obstacles, and celebrate progress. WHAT'S INCLUDED: – One-on-One Coaching: Weekly personalized sessions (valued at $500 per session) to refine your goals, assess progress, and tailor strategies to help you succeed. –Lunar-Aligned Group Meditation: Access to weekly group meditation sessions ($150 per month) that align with the new moon, first quarter, full moon, and last quarter. Recordings will also be provided if you can't make it live. –Custom Goal-Specific Journal: Receive a unique monthly journal customized to your goals, complete with affirmations, journal prompts, and daily activities designed to align your intentions with each lunar phase. These exclusive journals offer added value beyond the generic $35 versions available on our website. –"I. FORM. ACT." Methodology: Develop skills in intention-setting foundations, overcoming obstacles, reviewing and refining, meditation, taking action, celebration, and transmutation—all aligned with the lunar cycle. WHY CHOOSE THIS PACKAGE? Over three months, we'll guide you through every lunar phase to ensure you're progressing toward your goals. By the end, you'll not only see significant progress but also have a solid foundation for incorporating lunar alignment into your daily life for continued success. INVESTMENT: This three-month package is valued at over $6,000 with coaching sessions, group classes, and the custom journals but is available for $3,000–offering unparalleled access to tools, guidance, and community that empower you to manifest your vision with clarity and intention.

Contact Details

  • Toronto, ON, Canada

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