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Full Moon

Our Journey

The vision for Moon Maiden Meditation was born in 2020, amidst personal trials and profound transformations. Tennille Jacobs, with a dream of a community attuned to the Moon's rhythms, took the first step by securing a domain name—a silent pledge for a future to come.


Yet, the path ahead was not without its challenges.

In 2022, Tennille found herself at a crossroads. After experiencing postpartum depression triggered by the abandonment by her child's father, alongside the dissolution of a family business, she faced a choice: to heal for herself for her two kids.

"Enough." she said to herself, "I choose peace."

With her extensive background in psychology and a lifelong passion for understanding the mind's mysteries, Tennille was no stranger to the concept of healing from within. As a magna cum laude grad with a Bachelor of Science, she understood the potential of meditation not just as a practice, but as a transformative force to rewrite her story.


However, she struggled with putting this concept into practice.

Her turning point?


An adventurous day of tree-top trekking in 2023, where the clarity of mindfulness hit her amidst the treetops. It was a vivid reminder of living in the now – a lesson she took to heart. This "aha" moment prompted her to explore and share the benefits of active meditation and mindfulness.

With this renewed perspective, Tennille revisited the idea of Moon Maiden Meditation.


Her vision embraced active meditation and trauma-informed parenting, recognizing mindfulness as a transformative force for everybody. This holistic approach, aligning lunar practices with wellness, highlights Tennille’s commitment to a mindful, resilient community.

In that same year, Tennille shared her vision with an old friend, Kat Nguyen.


With his expertise in branding and marketing, Kat saw its potential and joined forces with Tennille to bring Moon Maiden Meditation to life. Together, they nurtured the seed that had been sown in 2020 into a flourishing community.


Under the guidance of Tennille and Kat, Moon Maiden Meditation has flourished into a beacon for those seeking to integrate mindfulness into their lives across multiple dimensions—be it through lunar-aligned practices, guided meditations, or the nurturing principles of trauma-informed conscious parenting.


Their journey is a testament to the power of resilience, partnership, and a deep belief in nature’s transformative power.

Woman with a large afro sitting on a waxing crescent moon with flowers above

Who is the Moon Maiden?

The sigh of relief as you kick off your shoes after a long day.

The gaze out the window, longing for a moment of peace in a fast-paced world.

The whispered wish for a life more in tune with the natural ebb and flow of your intuition.


"The Moon Maiden is the daughter of the Moon. She embodies those of us who feel disconnected from the relentless speed of modern life, seeking a more intuitive, harmonious way of living. She represents the journey back to our natural rhythms–guided by the lunar cycle–embracing the wisdom of the Moon in every aspect of life.

"My vision for Moon Maiden Meditation was to create a sanctuary for those who yearn to align with the deeper currents of existence, offering tools and practices to cultivate a life of peace, abundance, and alignment with the natural world." – Tennille, Moon Maiden Meditation's Co-Founder

At Moon Maiden Meditation, we invite you to step into a realm where time slows down, and the soul speaks louder than the cacophony of daily life. A place where you, too, can find your rhythm in the cosmic dance.

Meet Our Team

Our Mission

At Moon Maiden Meditation, we believe in the profound impact of aligning our lives with the natural rhythms of the moon. Our mission is to guide you through this journey–offering tools, knowledge, and support as you unlock your potential and navigate the path to a more fulfilled life.

More than just products, we offer you gateways to a more harmonious, intuitive way of living. Whether it's through meditation that centers you under the Moon's gentle glow, or through coaching that guides you towards a more conscious way of parenting, our aim is to help you cultivate a life filled with peace, abundance, and a deep alignment with the natural world.

Join Our Community

Moon Maiden Meditation is more than just a platform; it's a community of like-minded individuals on a journey to personal growth and mindful living. We invite you to explore our site, learn more about our services, and discover how the moon can illuminate your path to a more peaceful, fulfilling life.

At Moon Maiden Meditation, we're all about real talk—sharing stories, embracing the journey, and supporting each other. Let’s walk this path together, finding peace, abundance, and our true rhythm in the grand cosmic dance.

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