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Fiery Energies of the Aries New Moon and The Solar Eclipse - Igniting the Spark of Self-Love

Updated: Apr 10

Welcome to the first week of "Lunar Affection: A 28-Day Self-Love Manifestation Journal," as we embark on a transformative journey with the New Moon in Aries and the Solar Eclipse. This week ignites the fire of self-love, encouraging boldness and courage in embracing our uniqueness.

Reflecting on the Journey So Far

As we step into this new lunar cycle, reflect on the moments of courage that have brought you here. What steps have you taken towards embracing your individuality?

Preview Week 1: Igniting Self-Love with Aries' Fire

This week, we delve into the fiery energy of Aries, sparking a bold beginning for manifesting self-love through courage and individuality.

Sneak Peek: Week 1 Energies and Intentions

The New Moon in Aries sets the stage for a week focused on igniting self-love. Each day offers a unique practice to foster self-acceptance and courage.

To ensure you're fully prepared for the transformative experiences of Week 1, here's a concise list of supplies needed for each day's intentional practice:

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Day 1 - Igniting Self-Love with Aries' Fire

  • A red candle (for Aries' energy)

  • A piece of paper and a pen

  • A safe space to light the candle

Day 2 - Cultivating Self-Love in Taurus's Embrace

  • Plant or seeds

  • Decorative pot or garden space

  • Natural fertilizer/compost

  • Optional: Rose quartz crystal

Day 3 - Nurturing Self-Love in Taurus's Gentle Embrace

  • A comfortable, quiet space

  • A notebook and a pen

  • Your favourite comforting beverage or snack

  • Optional: a soft blanket or pillow for added comfort

Day 4 - Transitioning Towards Self-Love

  • A small mirror

  • A green candle (for Taurus symbolizing growth and self-worth)

  • A yellow candle (for Gemini symbolizing intellect and adaptability)

  • Paper and pen

Day 5 - Cultivating Self-Love with Gemini's Breeze

  • Pen and paper

  • A comfortable, quiet space

Day 6 - Cultivating Curiosity in Self-Love

  • Magazines, newspapers, or printed images

  • A large piece of paper or a journal

  • Glue or tape

  • Markers or pens

Day 7 - Cultivating Self-Love in Cancer's Embrace

  • A comfortable blanket or shawl

  • A small bowl of water (symbolizing Cancer's element)

  • A white candle (for purity and comfort)

  • A few seashells or stones (to connect with Cancer's affinity for home and security)

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