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Exploring the Depths of Collective Consciousness: My Journey with Intuitive Guidance Coaching

In my recent journey with Intuitive Guidance Coaching, based on Root Cause Therapy, I experienced something deeply profound that I feel compelled to share.

As part of my certification process, I underwent a session myself, not entirely prepared for the depth of connection and emotion that would surface. During the session, I found myself transported to a significant event involving my great-grandmother.

What was surprising was that I didn't just recall the event.

I vividly felt her emotions.

It was as if I was experiencing her feelings directly, not just my own.

This event related to her being taken from our home to live with her son due to her illness. Consciously, I had no memory of the day she left, but through the coaching, I could deeply connect with her emotions during that time.

This experience led me to explore the concept of collective consciousness.

Collective consciousness suggests that we are all interconnected on a deeper level, sharing thoughts, emotions, and experiences across generations. This could explain how I was able to feel my great-grandmother's emotions so intensely, as if her experiences had imprinted on me.

Interestingly, this idea also intersects with principles from quantum physics.

Concepts like entanglement in quantum physics suggest that everything in the universe is interconnected at a fundamental level.

This interconnectedness might allow for the deep, empathetic connections I experienced during my session.

Incorporating these insights into my practice, I emphasize the importance of a holistic approach to wellness. This includes not just the biopsychosocial aspects but also the spiritual dimension, which has been validated through my personal experiences and those of my clients.

Speaking of my clients, their experiences have been equally profound.

  • One of my first clients described feeling like a new person right after their session. With each subsequent session, they felt more renewed and in a better place.

  • Another client was in awe of the newfound perspective they gained on a past event, realizing how their understanding had been limited by their previous viewpoint.

  • Another deeply moving session involved a client who initially noticed colors reminiscent of water and felt a physical sensation of restriction. She experienced intense fear and sadness, and as she processed these emotions, she realized she was recalling an ancestral memory of being on a slave ship. Upon releasing these emotions, she felt a profound sense of belonging and heard the words, "We survived." She was reminded that she is never alone and felt strengthened by the presence of her ancestors, emerging from the session with renewed resolve and gratitude.

  • One of my clients recently described his experience with Intuitive Guidance Coaching as transformative, saying he felt like a new man. His feedback has been incredibly encouraging and reaffirms my belief in the power of this approach. He even referred a friend who is deeply attuned to spiritual practices, highlighting the potential for future partnerships and expanding our reach in holistic wellness.

This journey has been eye-opening, reinforcing the significance of including the spiritual aspect in holistic wellness practices. It’s a reminder that our connections run deep, often beyond our conscious awareness, and acknowledging this can lead to profound healing and growth.

If you're interested in exploring Intuitive Guidance Coaching and experiencing these profound connections for yourself, please feel free to contact me or book a session.

I would be honored to guide you on your own journey of healing and discovery.

Tennille, Co-Founder of Moon Maiden Meditation

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