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Lunar Aligned Meditation Live Group Classes

Each class is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the lunar phases while offering space for personal growth, community connection, and practical application of the lunar energies. As your guide, we'll lead you through meditations tailored to each lunar phase and its corresponding zodiac sign–helping you harness the transformative energy of the Moon.

28-Day Lunar Manifestation Journal Companion

Each month, you will receive a 28-Day Lunar Manifestation Journal of your choice to work through alongside the course (a $35 value).


Lunar Phase Overview

Understand the Lunar Phase & Zodiac Elements: Starting with this segment sets the thematic tone for the session, connecting you to the specific lunar phase and its astrological context. This helps you feel more aligned and receptive to the energies of the Moon.

Breakout Rooms

Discuss & Share Your Journey:

Participate in intimate discussions and community-building activities within smaller breakout rooms, sharing reflections and insights with like-minded individuals.


Guided Meditation

Lunar-Aligned Guided Meditation:

Engage in a guided meditation focused on the energies of the lunar cycle, helping you align with the day's specific astrological influences.


Q&A + Group Discussion

Interactive Q&A Session to Prepare for the Next Lunar Cycle: Return to the main group for a Q&A session, broader group discussion, and an overview of the upcoming week's lunar energies to guide your manifestation journey.

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