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10-Week Parental Rebirth: Breaking Cycles

Welcome to a transformative journey crafted for parents who aspire to foster a nurturing and emotionally safe environment for their children. This program is designed to help you break free from the cycle of trauma parenting, allowing you to instill joy and resilience in your child's journey.


Through the "Amai T Method of Conscious Parenting"––a framework based on 5 crucial pillars: Awareness, Mindfulness, Authenticity, Intuition, and Time––you will gain understanding of your and your child’s mind, become more emotionally responsive and less reactive, and be the supportive, understanding parent your child needs.

Phase 1 - Unravel


Parents start by unraveling and identifying negative parenting patterns and behaviors inherited or learned from their past. This critical first step involves deep self-awareness and the willingness to confront/understand these patterns.

Phase 3 - Rebuild

(Authenticity, Intuition)

Here, parents actively rebuild their approach to parenting, incorporating authenticity and intuition. This involves fostering genuine, open communication and trusting their inner wisdom to guide them in nurturing their child’s individuality and needs.

Phase 2 - Shift

(Mindfulness, Authenticity)

The next step is to shift from automatic, reactive responses to mindful, deliberate actions. Parents learn to pause, reflect, and choose responses that align with mindful and positive parenting principles, breaking away from the cycle of negative reactions.

Phase 4 - Transform


The final step is the transformation of the parent-child relationship. Parents consciously invest quality time, creating a nurturing and supportive environment. This intentional approach solidifies the break from negative cycles and lays the foundation for a positive, lasting impact on their children's development and well-being.

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